Orbit Automatic Garden Watering Kit

The Orbit Expandable Watering Timer will turn your hose faucet into a programmed sprinkler system in minutes. No digging is required to install this watering system that can control up to four watering areas.

$159.95 per ea

Orbit Control Star 6 station outdoor controller

No other timer gives you so much information at a glance. Rather than going through the hassle of pressing many different buttons and going through dozens of displays, adjust the duration of a station by simply sliding the switch.

$265.00 per ea

Orbit Easy-Set Logic 6St

Orbit Easy-Set Logic outdoor irrigation controller, 6 stations. Its large rotary dial makes programming simple, and its oversized screen helps to easily view all settings.

$179.00 per ea

7 Pattern spray nozzle

7-Pattern Turret Pistol Nozzle. This nozzle offers a choice in spray patterns; find the right one for every task in the home and garden, from a gentle rain-like shower for gardens to a powerful jet spray perfect for clearing away debris.

$4.95 per ea

Cut Off Riser 15mm - 65mm

This riser is made of durable polyethylene and is conveniently moulded so it can be easily cut to the desired length during installation.

$0.90 per ea

Orbit 2 outlet auto tap timer

Orbit’s 2 station battery operated tap timer. Easy to program and install onto outdoor garden taps for control of drip and micro sprinkler watering systems. Converts 1 outdoor garden tap into 2 automatic zones/stations.

$99.95 per ea

Orbit automatic rain/freeze sensor

Automatically prevents your sprinkler system from watering during a storm helping to conserve water. Easily mounts to different surfaces. Compatible with most major brands of 24 Volt timers.

$55.95 per ea

Orbit Easy Dial Indoor 6st

Orbit Easy Dial 6 station indoor irrigation controller. With a large dial and display it makes for easy programming and reading of station settings.

$99.75 per ea

Orbit Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter

The Poly Pipe Cutter is ideal for cutting poly and plastic tubing up to 30mm. The sharp, stainless steel blade easily cuts through poly, rubber, and plastic pipe without leaving burrs.

$16.75 per ea

Orbit Solenoid Valve

Additional valve for Orbit Automatic Garden Watering Kit. Leakfree valve design makes it completely waterproof for uninterrupted operation. Includes timer mounting bracket.

$45.40 per ea