1/2 stake

200mm Pipe Stabiliser Rod. Firmly holds poly pipe in place. Suitable for all sizes of poly pipe up to 25mm.

$0.60 per ea

9v Alkaline Battery

9v Alkaline Battery

$4.80 per ea

AA Alkaline Battery

AA Alkaline Battery

$1.95 per ea

Soaker hose 7.5m

Holman’s Soaker Hose is designed to provide a reliable and even watering pattern suited to watering lawns and gardens. A soaker hose works by having fine holes on one side of the hose.

$9.95 per ea

Thread seal tape

Thread seal tape for sealing plumbing connections and preventing water leaking from joins. 12mm x 10m.

$1.35 per ea

Weed Mat Pins

Weed Mat Pins 150mm deep. These weed mat pins are used for securing weed mat but are also perfect for holding poly pipe in place.

$0.25 per ea