Lawn Care Products

Want your lawn to be beautiful, healthy and green whilst reducing its maintenance and water requirements? You’ve come to the right place.

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Paul Munns Instant Lawn is Adelaide’s longest established turf expert and lawn suppliers with over 40 years experience. So there is a reason that we stock a range of our own specially formulated products - what the lawn market lacked, we created. Our lawn care products specifically cater for SA’s turfs with SA’s unique issues in SA’s climate.

Greener - in Grass Colour and Water Usage

Using the correct fertilisers and wetting agents, you can keep your lawn beautifully green and healthy whilst using less water. Notice that some of our fertilisers have been designed so that they do not increase thatch production - meaning less maintenance for you.

Our Lawn Care Guarantee

If you’re not sure what your lawn needs, come in with a sample of your grass and we guarantee we will help solve your problem. Because we know lawns.