Why Fertilise?

We recommend fertilising your lawn three times per year with Paul Munns Specialty formulated fertilisers for optimal performance, health, appearance and drought tolerance. It’s important to give your lawn a variety of nutrients to ensure it has what it needs to stay in top shape, all year round.


Better resilience. Your lawn will repair faster, have more vigour and withstand more traffic. Just what you need when the going gets tough.


Better disease and pest resistance. Boost your lawns natural ability to stay healthy with less reliance on chemicals.


Better year round colour. Your lawn will stay greener for longer giving you the lush green look you’re after.

 Drought Tolerance

Better drought tolerance. Healthy lawns develop deeper root zones which leads to less water use.

Yearly Fertiliser Program

We have three specialised fertilisers that you can rotate each year. They come in 5kg and 10kg bags, which cover about 50m2 and 100m2 respectively. As warm season grasses (kikuyu, couch, buffalo, etc) go dormant in winter, it is unnecessary to fertilise in this period.



A high analysis mineral fertiliser containing slow release nutrients, trace elements and Iron. A complete blend Ideal for bringing lawns out of Winter dormancy. Ideal for spring feeding.


Organic Lawn Food

Certified 100% organic, containing sea weed kelp, fish emulsion, humic acid and chicken manure. Gently feeds your lawn while restoring soil health. Ideal for summer feeding.


Emerald Green

Fast acting and super strong with extra potassium and phosphorous. Gives your lawn what it needs to better deal with the rigours of winter. Ideal for autumn feeding. 




Fertiliser Products

Greenkeeper 10kg
Greenkeeper 5kg
Organic Lawn Food 10kg
Organic Lawn Food 5kg
Emerald Green 10kg
Emerald Green 5kg
Turfect Green 1L