Lawn Consultant Adelaide - Solving your lawn problems

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 25 September 2019 

From time to time, you may experience problems with your home lawn. The most comon lawn problems are caused by the following:

  • Soil related issues
  • Disease
  • Drainage
  • Weeds
  • Insects and mites
  • Poor management practices

Most problems can be quickly identified and solved but timeliness is the key. The sooner you get to identifying the problems, the easier they can be to solve.  Our team has the skills and experience to identify and solve issues in the following ways:

Instore Consultation (Free Service)

Most lawn-related problems can be solved by investigating a core sample. Simply cut out a 20cm x 20cm x 100mm deep sample and bring it into our store at Hove. Our experienced staff will have a look over the core sample and in consultation with you, identify problems and solutions while you wait - all completely free of charge. Once we are finished, you can take the sample back and re-plant it back into your lawn.

Onsite Consultation ($220)

If you are unable to come into our store, we can arrange for our consultant to come out to your property. Onsite consultation is a more accurate way of identifying complicated problems. It gives us more perspective as we are able to understand all of the environmental considerations afforded to us by being onsite. All onsite consultations are conducted by Stefan Palm. Stefan has been working for Paul Munns Instant Lawn for 27 years and has a deep understanding of turf management. 

  • Our consultant will travel to your property anywhere in the Adelaide metro area
  • We will spend up to 1 hour onsite with you
  • Diagnose issues and suggest solutions

Book an Onsite Consultation – Call 8298 0555 now

Consultation Conditions / disclaimer:

  • Onsite consultation does not include laboratory or plant tissue testing
  • Outside of metro area locations will incur a travel surcharge. Enquire for a quote
  • Onsite consultation is only applicable for domestic lawns. 
  • All advice given is general in nature only and given based on our best understanding of your circumstances at the time of the consultation. Unknown factors may alter the advice and solutions provided