Synthetic Turf - Frequently Asked Questions

What is it made from?

All synthetic turfs are made from either polypropylene or polyethylene. These materials are very durable and long lasting.

Does it fade?

Our range of synthetic turf is UV stabilised to minimise fading and deterioration.

How do I install it?

Synthetic turf is laid on a compacted layer of road base and dolomite/paving sand. Once laid, it is joined and infilled with dried sand. We can give you instructions on how to install it yourself, but we recommend you to have it installed by one of our experienced layers. This will ensure a beautifully finished and long lasting job.

What about life’s little accidents?

Synthetic turfs are very resistant to staining so spills can be easily cleaned up. Damage to the grass can be repaired in a similar way to repairing carpet.

Will water drain off it?

These lawns are manufactured to drain quickly and efficiently. There are drainage holes throughout the lawn backing to draw through the water and stop it sitting on the surface.

Is it ok for dogs?

Synthetic turf is pet friendly. There are drainage holes and any mess can be scooped up without staining.

How is it secured to the ground?

Once laid, the turf is infilled with dried sand. The infilling process helps the lawn blades stand up properly but it also holds the lawn firmly in place. You can use galvanised pins as well to give an extra layer of contact to the base.