12mm Hose Set

The twist nozzle & fittings set allows you to equip a garden hose (not included) to water directly from the garden tap. Accommodating both 20 & 25mm garden tap sizes, this universal set can be installed anywhere.

$5.35 per ea

7 Pattern spray nozzle

7-Pattern Turret Pistol Nozzle. This nozzle offers a choice in spray patterns; find the right one for every task in the home and garden, from a gentle rain-like shower for gardens to a powerful jet spray perfect for clearing away debris.

$6.55 per ea

Holman 12mm Hose Connector

Holman plastic hose connector 12mm

$3.05 per ea

Hose connect w stop 12mm

Holman Supergrip hose connector with stop 12mm

$4.95 per ea

Hose coupler 12mm

Holman plastic hose coupler 12mm

$2.60 per ea

Hose joiner 12mm

Use a joiner to repair 12mm or to extend the existing hose by joining two hoses together.

$3.05 per ea

Hose Nozzle Adj

Homan adjustable hose nozzle 12mm. Fits to any click on connector.

$4.30 per ea

Metal Dome Sprinkler

This Metal Dome Sprinkler is ideal for small lawns or garden beds. It is mobile and can be easily moved around to water different sections of lawn. It has a 3m radius and will water an entire small lawn without having to implement an irrigation system.

$10.40 per ea

O ring 10 pack

Holman O ring 10 pack. Fits most hose end fittings. Rubber O-rings are an essential component on irrigation products. Good O-rings prevent dripping connections and save water!

$4.35 per ea

Oscillating sprinkler

The oscillating sprinkler is often used for watering large sections of lawn or garden at the one time, it can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes. When set to the maximum coverage, (full pattern, 90° rotation) it has a maximum coverage of 200m².

$19.95 per ea

Soaker hose 7.5m

Holman’s Soaker Hose is designed to provide a reliable and even watering pattern suited to watering lawns and gardens. A soaker hose works by having fine holes on one side of the hose.

$12.70 per ea

Sprinkler adaptor

Allows lawn sprinklers & watering guns to be easily connected to a garden hose. The “Quick Release” snap on fitting makes installing and swapping between hose end products to your garden hose, quick & easy!

$3.05 per ea

Tap adaptor 20mm

This plastic tap adaptor from Holman has a 20mm female thread to attach to a standard garden tap and a 12mm snap on fitting for garden hoses and other 12mm fittings.

$2.55 per ea

Uni tap adaptor

Holman universal, plastic tap adaptor (fits 20 and 25mm taps). With a 12mm male snap on fitting it is perfect for garden hoses and other 12mm fittings.

$2.60 per ea