Lawn Soaker 10kg

Save on water usage by holding water in the topsoil of high drainage areas. Ideal for lawns, gardens and pot plants. Apply to topsoil when laying instant lawn or add a small handful in each hole when planting. 10kg covers 100m2.

$31.10 per ea

Gypsum 20kg (bulky item)

Helps improve soil structure and drainage in clay soils.

$13.65 per ea

Sandy Loam (bulky Item)

Our sandy loam is an 80/20 mix (80% sand and 20% loam). This loam is ideal for new lawn, top dressing or gardens with a high clay content.

$7.55 per ea

Dried Sand 20kg (bulky item)

$10.90 per bag

Fine dried sand is ideal for use as a finishing sand over synthetic turf or as a sweeping sand in between the cracks of pavers once a new paving job has been completed.

$13.50 per ea