Turf Type Rye 25kg

25kg cover 625sq/m

Rye grass is best suited to cool, shady conditions.

$347.15 per ea

Turf Type Tall Fescue 20kg

20kg covers 500sq/m

A deep green, lush variety of lawn with excellent shade tolerance.

$336.60 per ea

Grand Slam Rye 22.7kg

22.7kg covers 570m2.

Grandslam Rye is a fine textured, rich, dark colour lawn that extends throughout the season. With excellent shade tolerance and a dense, compact appearance, it can be planted in a variety of situations including as an oversow variety for existing turf.

$347.15 per ea

Pro Parks Seed 25kg

25kg covers 625m2.

This seed is a tough blend of kikuyu with other grasses. The fast establishing mothercrop gives the ability to stabalise the area as the kikuyu establishes over the spring and summer periods. Once the kikuyu has fully established the mothercrop will

$510.60 per ea

Pro Wicket & Tennis 25Kg

25kg covers 625m2.

Pro Wicket and Tennis blend is a combination of USA fancy couch and Fine Leaf Rye. The rye grass germinates quickly to give a fast cover, then the couch comes through to add durability and drought tolerance. Once the couch has fully established the ryegra

$421.80 per ea

USA Fancy Couch 25kg

25kg covers 1250m2.

USA Fancy couch is a variety that offers excellent vigour, drought tolerance and durability. Because it is self repairing, it is ideal for high use areas such as backyards, tennis courts or any sporting surface. USA Fancy Couch is Ideally suited to full s

$893.75 per ea

Pro Royal blend 25kg

25kg covers 625m2.

The top of the range turf blend designed for showcase areas that require a premium turf finish. Pro Royal has been selected based on turf species that can offer a soft lush colour with quick establishing features. Ideally placed into either full sun or se

$424.15 per ea