Other Things to Know About Synthetic Grass


All synthetic lawns are made from either polypropylene or polyethylene. These materials are very durable and long lasting.

Same 'Product'. Different Results.

Synthetic grass is rapidly becoming popular for use in residential lawns. Unfortunately it is an unregulated market where customers can be exploited by businesses using inferior materials and construction techniques. Low pricing can mean compromised quality. To ensure your lawn will last, you should consider the following:

Quality Checks to Consider

Yarn Details

Quality Yarn is essential for the longevity of your lawn. Look closely at the yarn and feel it. Compare the dexterity, density and stitch rate.

  • Where is the turf made? (country of manufacture)
  • Is the yarn UV stabilised to Australian conditions?

Manufacturers Support and Warranty

A manufacturers warranty is of no value unless you know who the manufacturer is, where they are located, and how they can be contacted.

  • Can I view the manufacturers warranty?
  • Does the manufacturer have a website? Take a look.
  • How much experience does the manufacturer have?

Base Preparation

Quality base construction is essential. Synthetic grass must be laid on a solid, deep base of crushed rock or dolomite - not sand or dirt.

  • What surface is it going to be laid on?
  • What is the depth of the constructed base?

Infill Material

Both sand and rubber granules are infill materials.

  • What is the depth and composition of the infill material?

References and Testimonials

A quality contractor should provide a list of reference sites and testimonials.

Repairing Stains & Damage

Synthetic grass is very resistant to staining, so spills can be easily cleaned up. Damage to the turf can be repaired in a similar way to repairing carpet.

Water Drainage

All our artificial turfs are manufactured to drain quickly and efficiently. There are drainage holes throughout the lawn backing, allowing water to be drawn through instead of sitting on the surface.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is pet friendly and is suitable for dogs and cats alike. There are drainage holes throughout the lawn backing and any mess can be scooped up without staining.


Synthetic grass is laid on a compacted layer of road base and dolomite. Once laid it is joined and infilled with dried sand. This infilling process helps the lawn blades stand up properly and also holds the lawn firmly in place.

We have provided an Artificial Grass Installation Guide however we recommend you have it installed by a professional to ensure a beautifully finished and long lasting result.