Summer Prestige 40mm

$47.50 per square metre. Available in 3.72m wide rolls

Summer Prestige is an all Australian synthetic grass with a tall multi green straight yarn and a beige root-zone thatch under layer. Summer Prestige 40mm is a taller grass that gives more of a lush, luxurious appearance with a softer feel.


$45.50 per square metre. Available in 2 or 4m wide rolls

Toorak is a 40mm tall landscape grass that incorporates multiple layers and colours of yarn to give it a natural and realistic appearance. One of Toorak’s standout features is its LOW GLOSS finish which means it's not as “shiny” as other synthetic grasses

Summer Cool

$45.00 per metre square. Available in 3.68m wide rolls

Summer Cool Plus is a 35mm tall Australian made synthetic grass that has an infrared reflective pigment in the yarn to help reduce the heat by up to 25% in full sun compared to other synthetic grasses.


$32.90 per square metre. Available in 3.71m wide rolls

Somerset 20mm is a short pile high quality synthetic grass. Being shorter, its great for high traffic situations.


$39.90 per square metre. Available in 2 or 4m wide rolls

The major difference comes with Mayfair’s height and density. Being slightly shorter and having a less dense stitch rate results in a grass that has a more open look, perfect for those people looking for a less manicured appearance.