Cover Lawn

RRP: $47.50 / m2 Installed over natural turf to provide a protective base. Grass grows through the open 'cells' Australian Made

RRP: $47.50 per m2 

Sold by the lineal metre - see below for details. Synthetic turf cannot be purchased online. To enquire, click the Enquire Now button below or call us on 8298 0555.


Introducing Cover Lawn! Natural grass is integrated into the honeycomb base structure, with each honeycomb cell allowing the natural grass to grow through the cell and start an integration process. The integration strengthens the wear area of the naturally growing grass, making for a highly durable and flexible product that is ideal for high-traffic wear areas such as entrances to parks and pathways, or uneven surfaces such as mounds and banks.

Key Features

  • Australian Made - Sourced from and manufactured in Australia.
  • 5 Year Warranty - Coverlawn has a 5 year warranty period. If damaged, it can be easily replaced in patch-sized pieces. The whole lawn doesn't have to be removed to fix!
  • Honeycomb Structure - Coverlawn is unique with its honeycomb "cell" build. This allows natural grass to grow through it
  • 12mm Pile Height - Coverlawn is designed to be integrated with natural turf to strengthen the traffic tolerance of natural turf. 

Specialty Range

Our Specialty Range contains turf designed for a specific purpose and use in mind. Coverlawn is designed to be installed as an integrated lawn with either existing turf or new seed. 

UV Stabilisation

All synthetic turf sold at Paul Munns is UV stabilised, which is a very important feature in synthetic grasses. The pigment in the synthetic grass will not fade over time from the stress of the intense sunlight we receive in South Australia.


Roll Width 2.4m
Pile Height 12mm
Warranty Length 5 years
COOLplus Technology No
Density Low when isolated. Density will depend on natural turf maintenance
Colour Palette


  • Available in 2.4m width rolls
  • 12mm Pile Height
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Low density
  • 20mm x 20mm honeycomb 'cells' 
  • Integration product for synthetic and natural grass
  • Australian Made with APT Australian Made yarns
  • U.V. stabilised
  • Pet friendly

Determining How Much You'll Need

All our synthetic turf varieties are sold by the lineal metre, but priced by the square metre. This means you will have to buy a certain length of the pre-determined width. For example, because Coverlawn is 2.4m wide, if you were to buy 10m2 of it you would receive just over 4 Lm of grass (10sq/m divided by 2.4). Likewise, if you are after 5 Lm you would order 12m2 (5Lm times 2.4m). We agree that it would make more sense to just price it by the lineal metre, however this is how the rest of the market sells synthetic grass - so to make it easier for you to compare prices we've decided to follow suit.

If you plan your area incorrectly, the joins may be noticeable or you could end up with unnecessary wastage. This could lead to you spending more money than you need to on a finished product that you aren't happy with. If you would like to order synthetic turf, feel free to contact one of our synthetic turf specialists on 8298 0555. They will be happy to help you through the process of choosing the right variety, planning the area perfectly and getting the lowest price for shipping so you end up with the best result for the best price. 






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