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Top Dressing a Lawn

Top dressing a lawn is usually done to level up an uneven surface or to fill in holes however there are some other advantages that you may not be aware of. Find out more about the benefits and how it do it yourself.

Turf Mites

Is your lawn lifeless and patchy? Have you found that it doesn't respond no matter how much water, fertilisers and beetle bombs you throw at it? You might find that turf mites have moved in and are literally sucking the life out of your lawn.

Rats – The hidden troublemakers in your lawn.

A lush, green lawn is often considered the hallmark of a well-maintained home. Homeowners invest time and resources to ensure their lawns are vibrant and healthy. However, there’s a hidden menace that can wreak havoc on the carefully cultivated greenery.

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Supporting Cambodia

Paul Munns Supporting Combodia

Did you know that Paul Munns Instant Lawn supports communities in Cambodia?

Find out more to know that your valued custom is making a difference in the lives people around the globe.

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