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Preserving winter colour by reducing traffic

This week certainly has been cold, and wet! It seemed like the mercury plunged right on cue. With most varieties of lawn now in Winter dormancy, It would pay to limit how much you use it as overuse during Winter can lead to colour loss and patchyness.


I've done a few blogs on weeds over the past few weeks but there is one I need to talk about in some more detail. Soursobs have begun their annual invasion and we're getting a lot of questions on how to control them.

Keeping your lawn green this Winter

Can you maintain a green lawn in Winter? By understanding the factors that sap the colour out of lawns in the cooler months, you can certainly keep your lawn a lot greener than you might think!

Supporting Cambodia

Did you know that Paul Munns Instant Lawn supports humanitarian projects in Cambodia?

Your valued custom is making a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor.

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