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Seed Varieties

Looking for a beautiful seeded lawn that stays green year round with minimal maintenance and water? You’ve come to the right place. Paul Munns has a range of seed varieties to suit every situation, from small domestic lawns through to large commercial surfaces.

To learn about our seed varieties, check out our seed comparison chart or head over to our seed products. For more information, fill out our enquiries form, or give us a call on 8298 0555 to discuss in depth the best variety for you. 

Paul Munns Starter Fertiliser

Perfect for newly sown lawns, Paul Munns Organic Fertiliser can be mixed in with your seed to give it everything it will need to thrive. Apply at a rate of 1kg per 10sq/m.

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Additional Information and Tools

Below we've created some helpful tools to help you plan for your DIY seed project.  Have a look through - you'll be surprised at how easy it is to create a green oasis in your back yard.