Santa Ana Couch Turf

RRP: $12.20 - $13.25 / m2 Hard-wearing, incredibly drought tolerant and a fine appearance. 5

RRP: $12.20 - $13.25 per m2 (Including GST and all applicable charges)

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Santa Ana couch is the original USA hybrid bermuda grass made famous in South Australia by Brian Munn during the 1970s. Santa Ana is a fine textured turf, extremely hard-wearing, drought tolerant, and can tolerate pet traffic very well. Santa Ana is a fast-spreading grass suitable for high wear, full sun areas.

  • Proven suitability to South Australia's climate
  • Proven reputation - Still as popular as ever
  • Proven value for moneyOlder man playing with dog on santa ana couch turf


Santa Ana is best described in one word; tough. When it comes to extensive traffic and the rigours of South Australian summers, Santa Ana will thrive in the most adverse of conditions and regenerate quickly. It loves the hot, dry conditions that cause grief to many other grass varieties and handles high levels of traffic well. Santa Ana is suited to both residential and commercial use, where a drought-tolerant, hard-wearing turf is desired, and full sun conditions are present. 


Drought Tolerance Excellent 
Durability Excellent. Very hardwearing. Fast repairing.
Colour Excellent in the spring, summer and autumn. Will fade slightly during the winter. 
Salt Tolerance Excellent. Will tolerate up to 5000ppm.
Mowing Height 10-15mm 
Maintenance High
Use For full-sun, high-traffic areas in both sporting and residential situations.
Texture Fine, carpet-like appearance.


Low Water Use

Santa Ana is extremely drought tolerant, surviving in the hottest and driest of conditions. It can get by on South Australia's natural rainfall, however, watering once a week during the warmer weather is recommended to achieve a greener, more uniform look. The underground rhizomes Santa Ana has are what make it so tolerant, as they are able to store water for future use. 

Self-repairingPlaying Kid with Frisbee and Dog on Santa ana turf

Santa Ana has underground rhizomes and above-ground stolons that allow it to repair quickly. It will spread into bare patches and form a dense cover, especially when kept short. Additionally, it has a short dormancy period over winter, so it will continue repairing itself further into the cooler weather than some other grass varieties. 


Santa Ana is an all-round tough grass. Its rapid growth rate allows it to withstand higher levels of traffic, including use in some sporting facilities such as ovals, golf courses and cricket pitches. The higher level of thatch Santa Ana produces also helps it tolerate traffic better than slower growing grass varieties.

Fine Appearance

Santa Ana has a fine leaf blade. When kept at 10-15mm high, it has a carpet-like appearance that can be further encouraged by regular watering and fertilising.

Low Seed Head Production

Santa Ana is a hybrid between two couch varieties, one of which produces very little by way of seed heads. Some creeping and spreading may occur by the runners, but the seeds themselves will not cause spreading.


Two kids and a woman enjoying on a lawnMowing

Santa Ana will require mowing around every 7-14 days during the warmer months and not at all during Winter. Typically, it is mown short, both for appearance and to minimise a build-up of thatch. A height of 10-15mm in full sun is best. 


Santa Ana is truly drought tolerant and will survive on Adelaide's natural rainfall! Having said that, for optimal performance and colour, a once-a-week watering during the warmer months is recommended. 


Paul Munns has a fertiliser program suitable for all our Types of turf. Access it here

Dimensions and Delivery Information

Standard size rolls: 1m2 (400mm x 2.5m).

Santa Ana is also available in maxi rolls. Maxi rolls are great for open areas with easy access, such as parks, schools and golf courses. These rolls are 1.05m wide and can be cut to lengths of up to 25m.

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How is Santa Ana Couch Turf different from other Couch grass types?

Santa Ana was introduced to the public of South Australia by Brian Munn, the founder of Munns Lawns back in the 1970’s. While other couch grasses have come and gone, Santa Ana remains an outstanding couch for South Australia’s climate. It is still the turf of choice for our premier sports ovals and is used almost exclusively on the fairways of our best golf courses. Santa Ana has stayed the test of time – if you’re looking for a couch grass, you can’t go past it.

Are there any common pests or diseases that affect Santa Ana Couch, and how can I prevent them?

Santa Ana is no more or less prone to pests and diseases than any other variety of lawn in South Australia. Most pests and diseases are easily controlled, the only hurdle being making sure they are correctly identified so that the best treatment solution can be applied. For advice on any problem you’re having with your lawn, bring down a core sample to our store at Hove for a fast, free and professional diagnosis by one of our trained staff. Click here for more information

What are the ideal growing conditions for Santa Ana Couch Turf?

Santa Ana Couch loves our dry, temperate climate. Its happiest growing on a sandy loam soil and needs around 5 hours per day of direct sunlight to thrive. Santa Ana has an excellent level of drought tolerance meaning it survive under drought conditions, something only the toughest lawns can do. While toughness and durability are central to Santa Ana’s strengths, it remains a beautiful, soft turf with a fine, carpet like appearance.

Can Santa Ana Couch be grown from seed?

No. Santa Ana is a sterile, hybrid variety of grass that can only be grown vegetatively by runners or turf. While it does produce seed, the seed will not germinate due to its sterile nature. Even when growing production turf, special planting machines are used to plant runners rather than sowing seed.

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