Embargo 500mL

Covers 1000m2

Looking for embargo? Try Spartan. (link below)

$74.25 per ea

Heiniger Wetter and Spreader

Add to weedkillers, insecticides and fungicides for a higher success rate on weeds with "waxy" leaves.

$12.75 per ea

Manutec Sulphur 3kg

Reduce the pH of alkaline soils.

$22.45 per ea

Manutec Sulphur 500g

Reduce the pH of alkaline soils.

$12.95 per ea

Monument 100ml

Control Kikuyu and other weeds without harming your couch lawn!

$245.00 per ea

Pendi Pro 20kg

Control wintergrass by killing the seeds in summer before they germinate WHILE ALSO fertilising your lawn!

$99.00 per ea

Pest Oil 200ml

Controls citrus leaf miner, scales, mites, mealybug, aphids and white fly on citrus, grapes, fruit trees, roses and ornamentals.

$19.75 per ea

PH test kit

Make sure the pH of your soil is suitable for growing lawn.

$24.95 per ea

Turf Cul Tirem 200SC 1L

For the control of Black Beetle larvae in commercial sized areas. Covers 4000m2.

$65.00 per ea

Wet and Forget 10L

Moss & Mould Remover

The safest, most effective way of removing moss & mould from ANY exterior surface. Including lawn! 10L makes 120L product.

$199.00 per ea

Wipeout Bio 360 5L

Glyphosate based herbicide for non-selective control of weeds and grasses - ideal for commercial sized areas.

$78.75 per ea

Yates Trace Elements 500mL

Yates Health Tonic Trace Element Chelates 500ml

$18.75 per ea