Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 7 May 2021 

Paul Munn’s Instant Lawn has committed itself not simply to the people of South Australia but also the people of Cambodia. One of the fundamental drivers that underpins our business is an unshakable belief that success is for all people. 

We seek to live that out in every aspect of our business including the work begun by Paul & Aileen Munn over a decade ago. During that period, their tireless efforts have seen the development of low-cost housing and a community facility built in rural Oudong some 40kms outside the capital of Phnom Penh.

Their vision was clear; “We can’t change Cambodia’s past, but we can change the lives of the poorest of the poor.”

Alongside infrastructure projects, they initiated feeding and health programs, together with small business opportunities.

Above all, their passion was to see individuals, families and whole communities have the capacity to determine their future.

In 2018, in partnership with the people of Oudong a review of the strategy was completed.

As a result, a number of strategic changes were initiated.

  1. Establishment of the Square 1 team, a South Australian based group of skilled professionals to oversee the project in Cambodia.
  2. A process to listen to the people on the ground in Cambodia in order to understand the needs of the community to generate sustainable opportunities. 
  3. Establishment of a website to keep you informed and connected to the project. 

Over the next few months, you'll begin to see visual evidence of the relationship we share with Cambodia. You'll also have the opportunity to get to know the people of rural Oudong through the stories and pictures that will be recorded on their Facebook page.

Please note, this is not a fundraising drive, we are not seeking donations. Our desire is that you will also get to share with us in bringing hope for a sustainable future. Our motto is simple....

SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL IMPACT  - Communities choosing their future, for their people using their resources