Kings Pride Buffalo

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Kings Pride is one of Australia’s newest varieties of soft leaf buffalo and boasts some impressive advantages. National trials have demonstrated that Kings Pride delivers a softer, greener lawn all year round, whilst saving time and effort on maintenance. And what’s more, it was first discovered growing wild – what better proof could there be of its natural ability to thrive in Australia’s testing climate? When comparing soft leaf buffalos, Kings Pride is one of the most shade tolerant varieties available and it is a great performer when it comes to regenerating from wear and tear.


Kings Pride is the ideal choice of grass for your home lawn. It’s hard wearing, looks sensational and requires less maintenance than many other soft leaf buffalo grasses on the market today. Being a variety of soft leaf buffalo grass it is non-invasive to garden beds and maintains its winter colour better than many of the leading buffalo grasses on the market today. Kings Pride produces less thatch meaning that it is easier to mow and can be mowed at lower heights compared to other varieties of soft leaf buffalo. Put simply, Kings Pride is a standout when it comes to soft leaf buffalo grasses.


Drought Tolerance Medium. Will be better than other soft leaf buffalos.
Hot Weather Tolerance Good. Suitable for full sun and part shade.
Cold Tolerance Will tolerate cold and frost well. Apply a mineral fertiliser in Autumn for best results.
Salt Tolerance Unsure
Mowing Height 50-60mm in full sun,  60-70mm in part shade
Recovery from Injury Will recover from moderate use.
Use In areas too shady for other grasses, with moderate use and for low maintenance.
Texture Broad leaves that form a lush, dense appearance.


Soft Leaf

The old common varieties of buffalo had a problem with inducing welts on people with sensitive skin, especially children. All the varieties sold today don’t do this and are described as ‘soft leaf’. However, some are softer than others.

Winter Growth and Colour

Kings Pride is notably better in cool months than any other buffalo and had the least decline in colour of all buffalos trialed. When heavy frosts hit, Kings Pride stands out for retained colour. In Spring Kings Pride is the first to green up and does not require the high nitrogen levels other buffalos need to stimulate quick growth.

Shade Performance Quality

Kings Pride was the top performer in 70% of the Trial sites. It will grow on 2-3 hours minimum of sun.


Kings Pride can be mown more tightly than other buffalo at the heights usually reserved for couch. This is because of its strong lateral growth. Other buffalo grasses will scalp at these heights and will be very slow to recover. If scalping does happen Kings Pride recovers very quickly.

Seed Head Production

Compared with other buffalos, seed head production is in the low-medium range and occurs at two well defined times – late Spring/early Summer and late Summer/early Autumn. Other buffaloes in the group have high to very high seed head production and some are continuous producers, having unsightly seed heads all year.

Wear and Recovery from Wear

While King’s Pride came second in this category the difference was marginal. The first grass carried the highest level of thatch which took longer to wear off. Kings Pride was 13% quicker to recover than the first variety making it over all the better grass to manage.


Kings Pride, unlike some varieties of USA origin, is not susceptible to Gray Leaf Spot.

Water Use

The trials tested the grasses by restricting normal water requirements to 50% + 33% applied water. Kings Pride showed the least difference in growth whatever the level of restriction in the first year. In the second year Kings Pride used 7% less water than in the first year and at 50% reduction showed remarkable growth. Kings Pride had the deepest root system of all varieties tested.


Kings Pride had consistently the lowest thatch across all sites. Most other varieties developed their greatest thatch in the shade.

Weed Control

Most buffalos because of their density out-compete weeds. However clover and some other broadleaf weeds do sometimes present problems. Kings Pride shares with other varieties in its genetic group a tolerance to Dicamba which is missing most notably in varieties of USA origin. Dicamba is needed to control clovers and weeds with tap roots. It is contained in products such as Kleen Lawn which can be safely used on Kings Pride at label rates.



Kings Pride will need weekly watering in warm weather, and twice a week when temperatures are consistently over 35*C. During winter it will need very little watering, if any.


Kings Pride should be mowed every two to three weeks, days after installation. Regular mowing with a rotary or cylinder type mower will be essential to keep it in the best condition. Start on a high setting and for the first few mows simply try and take off any unevenness in the leaf-height rather than scalping into the turf-sod. Keep your mower’s blades sharp and, as a general rule, take off no more than a third of the grass height.


Paul Munns has a recommended fertilising plan for all our lawns. Click here to access our Fertiliser Program.

Getting the Most Out of Your Buffalo Lawn

  • Don’t over fertilise or you will make it too vigorous and create unnecessary mowing.
  • It grows exceptionally well in both sun and shade and will out compete the acknowledged shade grass Durban Grass in heavily shaded mown situations.
  • Keep your mowing height low to prevent thatch build up which is characteristic of other buffalos. If in doing this your lawn scalps in places, then you need to top dress around the scalped area with sand to make the lawn smoother.
  • It is very important if laying a new lawn to get the surface soil firm enough to walk on without leaving foot prints before you lay the grass. It is important to take out any bumps and low spots with a long straight edge (a dummy rake) or a wide level.
  • When laying grass in a shady situation, especially under a tree it is sometimes better to leave 0.5m circle around the tree and let the grass runners grow into the unturfed area. This will give them a better comfort zone than trying to establish new roots from turf if it is not getting enough light.
  • Remember that if grass is under a tree it needs more fertiliser and water than if it is in the open because it is competing with the tree roots for both water and nutrients.
  • It pays to decompact heavily trafficked areas about once a year to help the roots survive.
  • Thatch development is greatest when varieties are very upright in growth, have very short internodes and high lateral branching. Management practices such as excessive fertiliser, mowing too high and mowing infrequently increase thatch accumulation.


I have a lot of shade in my yard with big trees and a high wall making one side only receiving 2 to 3 hours of sun in mid summer. Will Kings Pride grow there? Kings Pride has out performed the grass generally recognised as most shade tolerant warm season grass Durban Grass in areas such as this and producing a far better quality sward.

How does Kings Pride compare in shade with other Buffalos? In a national trial conducted so far over three years Kings Pride has been the outstanding shade performer at all sites.

I have a large dog and need something which will take its wear? Kings Pride in wear trials has to be the top grass for recovery and the equal top for resisting wear.

Does Kings Pride need lots of water? It is one of the best Buffalos in this regard but, like all Buffalos, it needs a little more water than Couch.

Does it need a lot of fertiliser? If you fertilise it it will be very vigorous and have a wonderful colour. However even on little fertiliser it still has very good colour. It is best to fertilise in late Autumn for improved Winter colour and in early Spring to get it off to a flying start. It probably won’t need any Summer fertilising.

Does dog urine damage Kings Pride? Most Buffalos tolerate female dog urine fairly well but Kings Pride is better than most, showing little yellowing especially if watered lightly soon after the urine is deposited.

Do weeds pose a problem for control in Kings Pride? The natural density of Kings Pride tends to block out most weeds. However Kings Pride will not be damaged by any registered weed killer which is applied properly and at the correct rate. If you need help for this, give us a call on 8298 0555.

Is Kings Pride Buffalo frost resistant? Below is an example of how Kings Pride has performed 5 days after a -2 degree temperature in mid July in Windsor NSW 2756. As you can see the same area is still green.

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