Turfect Green 1L

For greening up your lawn - without growth

Turfect® GREEN is a professional colour boosting formulation to produce extended deep green colour on turf, without growth.

$23.95 per ea

Turfect Boost 1L

The humic acid soil conditioner

TURFECT® Boost is a highly concentrated humic acid soil conditioner and biological inoculant to enhance soil fertility and capacity to support healthy turf growth

$23.95 per ea

Turfect Grow 1L

For general lawn fertilising - year round

Turfect® GROW is a professional liquid fertiliser, formulated to produce deep green colour and vigorous turf growth quickly. As a foliar applied product, it can be used throughout the year, to maintain colour and health.

$23.95 per ea

Turfect Repair 1L

For repairing tired and damaged lawns

Turfect® REPAIR is a professional liquid fertiliser, formulated to support turf health, hardiness and recovery.

$26.95 per ea

Baileys Brilliance Mini 20kg

Perfect for use on all sporting grounds and complexes, high profile playing fields, golf courses, schools and large domestic lawns. The small granules of Brilliance make it significantly easier to water in than other fertilisers. 20kg covers up to 600m2.

$69.65 per ea