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$11.80 - $12.80 per m2 (Free metro del. for over 30m2*)

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Kenda is a brand new variety of kikuyu, bred to have a higher level of vigour over other varieties of sterile kikuyu.

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RRP: $11.80 - $12.80 per m2

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Kenda is a brand new variety of kikuyu, bred to have a higher level of vigor over other types of sterile kikuyu.

Kenda has extra large prostrate runners and 4 times as many rhizomes making it very fast establishing and fast to repair from damage. Its fast horizontal and underground growth surprisingly does not lead to more mowing than other kikuyu varieties.

Kenda is excellent for high traffic home lawns, sporting facilities, schools, public amenity spaces or any area (except shade) that requires a turf to perform under the stress of extreme wear.

Standard size rolls: 1m(400mm x 2.5m).

Kenda Kikuyu is also available in maxi rolls. Maxi rolls are great for open areas with easy access such as parks, schools and golf courses. These rolls are 1.05m wide and can be cut to lengths of up to 25m.

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  • Delivery Days:  Tuesday through to Saturday.
  • Order Deadline: Order before 10am for next day delivery. 
  • FREE DELIVERY for orders over 30m2 (in the Adelaide Metro Area)
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  • For full sun
  • 4 x more rhizomes
  • For extreme wear situations
  • Fast establishing
  • Fast recovery
Barcode # KKIL
Brand Paul Munns
Shipping Weight 18.0000kg
Unit Of Measure m2

Not Pet Friendly

By: on 20 October 2020
When I purchased this lawn it was advertised as pet friendly meaning that it was resistant to Pooch pee. I’ve purchased two batches of this grass this year and in both cases it most definitely is not resistant to dog urine. Now I’ll need to constantly purchase dog rocks from the pet store to store those burns marks on the grass from my dogs.

Paul Munns Instant Lawn Response
Hi Simon, We're sorry to hear that you have been having problems with your lawn. Kenda Kikuyu is considered to be one of the most resilient turf varieties for our climate because of its ability to spread and repair itself faster than other varieties. This means that if a patch of lawn loses colour due to dog urine it will recover faster than other varieties. When it comes to describing how a lawn performs with pets, using the words “pet friendly” is how the industry goes about it. Some lawns such as tall fescue and rye grass are not pet friendly because they completely die when a dog urinates on them – they never recover. Each dead spot needs to be replaced with new turf or seed. In comparison, lawns like kikuyu (Kenda is a variety of Kikuyu) have the capacity to repair themselves when a dog urinates on them. It doesn’t mean they won’t discolour, it simply means they will repair themselves over time. Kikuyu is known to have the fastest recovery time, and Kenda having more rhizomes is one of the fastest kikuyu’s. Some dogs urine (particularly female dogs) will burn lawns more than others. In extreme situations (such as multiple dogs in a small area), even the toughest of lawns can struggle to repair themselves faster than the dogs are damaging them. In these situations, products like dog rocks are often needed to help reduce the patchiness in your lawn. Maybe this is what is happening to your lawn however there may be other issues going on too. In order to be able to help you further, give us a call on 8298 0555 so that we can get a better understanding of your circumstances – there may be ways to reduce the damage. We’re open 6 days from 8.30 till 5pm

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