Winter frost colour in turf

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 4 June 2024 

When it comes to types of turf like couch, kikuyu and buffalo, they can lose colour when exposed to frost. We recognise that colour is a big factor when rolling out turf, so to ensure you are aware of it's current appearance, we have created this page. We don't want there to be any surprises upon receiving your turf delivery during Winter.

There are a few things you should know when buying turf during Winter:

  • Winter colour loss due to frost in the growing regions is unavoidable. It affects all turf growers.
  • Colour loss as a result of frost and Winter dormancy is cosmetic. The turf is still alive and well and will recover its colour as soon as the weather warms up.
  • When laying turf in the Adelaide metro area, there is no risk of your turf dying due to frost or cold weather.

For more information on frost and how it affects turf, please read this blog:

Current colour & condition report:

Fine Leaf Kikuyu (16/7/24):

After heavy frosts down at the farm, we have experienced some expected colour loss in most of our turf varieties. Fine Leaf Kikuyu colour retention is currently at 70%.


Kenda Kikuyu (16/7/24):

Kenda Kikuyu has retained it's colour well. Colour retention is 85%.


Santa Ana Couch (19/7/24):

Santa Ana is has had some browning. Colour retention is 65%.


Kings Pride Buffalo (18/7/24):

Kings Pride Buffalo has seen some browning. Colour retention is at 55%.


Windsor Green (19/7/24):

Windsor Green has also been affected by the frosts a few weeks ago. Colour retention is 55%.