Turf Culture

Thumper Insecticide 1L

For the Control of Couch Mite in turf

To read more about turf mite, have a read of our blog here: https://www.paulmunnsinstantlawn.com.au/blog/turf-mite/

$194.30 per ea

Bow and Arrow 500ml

Covers 1000m2

The standard for broadleaf weed kill in the Australian turf industry. For the control of various broadleaf weeds. Safe for use on many turf varieties including Buffalo and Blue Couch. 500mL of Bow & Arrow can treat up to 1000sqm.

$58.35 per ea

Turf Cul Tirem 200SC 1L

For the control of Black Beetle larvae in commercial sized areas. Covers 4000m2.

$69.00 per ea

Astro 120 Growth Regulator

Covers 2500-5000m2

For the regulation of leaf and stem growth of grass species and as an efficient and versatile turf management tool that maximizes turf quality.

$124.15 per ea