Windsor Green Couch - Product Review

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 1 May 2013 

Windsor Green Couch instant turf has been specifically designed for the Australian home lawn market where traditionally couches have been developed with sports applications in mind. Sports couches are generally faster growing, faster spreading and have shorter dormancy periods to cope with the relentless wear they receive. This of course means more maintenance. Windsor Green however is a slower growing variety with a longer dormancy period meaning less maintenance which is ideal for the home lawn which will rarely receive the punishment of a sports field.

Beautiful and soft, it has superior colour retention all year round, especially compared to other warm season lawns in winter.

According to Peter McMaugh, the man responsible for the development and release of this couch grass, it is a semi-dwarf couch grass which means less mowing and less watering. It has low thatch production and is less aggressive so it is less likely to invade and take over your garden. Yet it also boasts excellent self-repairing qualities, excellent drought tolerance and is extremely pet tolerant.

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