Watch out for Weeds

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 22 April 2020 

With Adelaide experiencing its driest warm season in more than a decade, many lawns have been left patchy and stressed. With temperatures starting to fall and rain starting to increase, expect to see a flush of weeds start to appear.

Weeds love the Autumn and left unchecked can cause havoc to your lawn. The good news is that while they are still young and have not gone to seed, most weeds are selectively controllable in lawns. Only a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog on weeds but its worth a reminder to save you the pain of having them occupy more than their fair share of lawn space - as they say, one years seeding makes for 7 years of weeding! 

Take a closer look at the stand.  If it contains plants with broad leaves, you have a broadleaf weed problem.  In most situations, these can be selectively controlled by spraying the entire lawn with a herbicide containing bromoxynil and MCPA such as Amgrow Bin- Die. 

In many gardens, winter grass (Poa annua) has started to germinate.  The chemical to control this weed is propyzamide sold as David Grays Winter Grass Killer.  However, it’s essential that you follow the instructions thoroughly or it won't work. 

If you need a weed identified or some specialist advice on how to control it, send a photo to 


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