Controlling Wintergrass during summer

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 2 February 2017 

Act now to control winter grass

It sounds like a funny topic to be talking about during summer but there is a whole lot you can do now to minimise, even eradicate the weeds that come up during winter.

Most weeds are seasonal. There are groups of them that germinate and grow each season. Winter is a particularly active time of year for a weeds such as winter grass and broad leaf weeds like clover and bindi. Another fact about weeds is that they produce seeds. These seeds drop to the ground and stay in the soil, ready to germinate the next season. Some weeds produce hundreds of seeds in their short life so you see how numbers of weeds in your lawn can quickly get out of control. If you had weeds last winter, you can be sure that you’ll have many more in the winter to come unless you do something about it.

There are 2 ways to attack weeds. You can do what’s called post emergent control or pre-emergent control. Post emergent control is where you attempt to kill the weed when its growing and established. Pre-emergent control is where you kill the seed of the weed before it germinates. Both are effective and a strategy involving both is often required to get on top of a persistent weed population. Now is the time to think about pre-emergent control so that you can kill winter grass seeds before they germinate! Unfortunately, most pre-emergent products are developed for the commercial market and so you won’t find domestic sized packs on the shelves of your hardware store. The most effective product I can recommend is called Pendi Pro (for use on couch and kikuyu) which is a fertiliser and pre-emergent herbicide all in one. It comes in a 20kg bag which covers around 600 square metres and costs just under $100. This may sound like a lot of money to throw at your lawn however when you weigh up the cost of fighting winter weeds as they germinate year after year added to the frustration of never really getting on top of them, it may well be worth the investment.

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Pre emergent for wintergrass in Kikuyu

By: on 22 July 2018
Wintergrass has popped up in my kikuyu, what products do u suggest for pre and post emergent to tackle wintergrass in kikuyu?

Paul Munns Instant Lawn Response
Hey Jarrad, For pre emergent control, I would use either Pendi Pro or Embargo, both available on our site. Post emergent, selective control is fairly difficult, especially after the weed reaches maturity. In addition to that, I'm not aware of any selective product that is labeled for use on Kikuyu. In any case, pre emergent control is always going to be more effective with winter grass.


By: on 4 April 2018
Hi. Is it too late to use pre emergent? I have seen some wintergrass appearing and have treated this with some other product but was wondering if using the pre emergent will still be effective.

Paul Munns Instant Lawn Response
When controlling winter grass, pre-emergent herbicides like Pendi Pro can be used whenever the weed is absent (October to March). Since they only control the seed, once the weed has germinated it is too late to use them.

Spreading pendi pro

By: on 7 January 2018
Using a Scott's hand held spreader what setting would you set it on if you had a heavy infestation last year Regards John

Paul Munns Instant Lawn Response

I would use either setting 2 or 3. The setting you use will depend on how fast you turn the handle and how fast you walk. 

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