It's officially Spring!

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 1 September 2021 

After what feels like a wet, cold and frosty Winter, it's exciting to see a couple of days creep into the high 20's this week! Even better, our first bout of warm weather is right on cue. So what does this mean for your lawn?

Spring is by far the best time of year for lawns – with the combination of warmth and rain, lawns literally jump out of the ground. It’s the season for installing instant turf, sowing seed, fertilising, repairing damage and renovation works like coring, scarifying and topdressing.

This Winter has been particularly cold and wet. If you have a couch, Kikuyu or buffalo lawn, this would mean that you may have lost a fair bit of colour bought on by cold, damp conditions.  As the ambient temperature increases, so too does the soil temperature which is what triggers the lawn to climb out of Winter dormancy. While I've already seen some improvement in our display lawns, recovery times will usually extend through September into October. 

How quickly will the lawn take to regain its colour?

It depends on a few things including the variety and how quickly it warms up but it will typically look like this:

  •  Kikuyu will be fast to regenerate colour, showing good progress from early September
  • Couch will take a little longer, starting its journey from mid-September
  • Buffalo is the slowest, often not getting going till late September, even early October.

What should you do now?

Fertilising: When it comes to Spring fertilising, I suggest you hold off for now. Ground temperatures have not risen enough so while you won't damage your lawn by fertilising now, you’ll get much better results if you wait till early October because that is when your lawn will be most active and best able to take up the nutrient.  

Weed Control: Expect a flush of weeds as the Spring starts. The most common and prolific is the broad leaf types such as thistle, dandelion, creeping oxalis, chickweed etc. They will respond quickly to the warmer weather so be ready with some broadleaf selective herbicide such as Amgrow Bin-Die in. Expect to see weeds like winter grass and sour sob disappear by themselves as they don't like the warmer weather. 

Mowing: As temperatures increase, your lawn will start growing again so be ready for that. If you raised your mower a notch or two to preserve Winter Colour, it's a good time to bring your mower back down to what it was before Winter started.

New Projects: If you’re planning on rolling out turf or sowing seed, now and right throughout Spring is a perfect time. The combination of mild warmth and rain are ideal conditions and make for fast establishment. 

Happy gardening South Australia and welcome to Spring!

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