Autumn is an ideal time to sow seed

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 9 March 2017 

Sowing Lawn seed is an great way to green up patchy or brown lawns! Autumn is an ideal time to do it.

Sowing Lawn seed is an great way to green up patchy or brown lawns! Autumn is an ideal time to do it.

Most lawns in South Australia are either Couch, Kikuyu or Buffalo and as most lawn buffs would know, as we go through Autumn, these varieties will begin to slow as the weather gets cooler until they become totally dormant into winter.

As the temperature decreases, your lawn growth will slow down and won’t have the same self- repairing ability that it has through the warmer months.

If you find yourself with a patchy or poor looking lawn during Autumn, you might find that there isn’t enough time left in the season for it to repair itself. Other times you may find that your lawn looks good going into winter but then deteriorates through the winter months because of increased shade levels, excessive frost, bad drainage or just plain old wear and tear.      

Sowing some seed into these areas could be the answer you’re looking for. Over sowing is often overlooked as a solution to these problems but it can be a really good way green up your lawn now and through the winter months. When over sowing your lawn during Autumn, you typically use cool season varieties like fine leaf rye and tall fescue. These varieties actively grow through the winter months (unlike couch, kikuyu and buffalo), they look green and lush no matter how cold it gets and they don’t lose their colour under frosty conditions. On top of that, cool season varieties of lawn seed germinate quickly and are cheap to buy. All this equals fast results for low $$$ which is good in anyone’s book.

Autumn is an excellent time to sow cool season lawn seed but its best to act quickly. While you will still get germination during winter, you will get much faster results now while there is still some warmth around.

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