Autumn Lawn Questions

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 2 March 2016 

What’s happening with your lawn this autumn?  Each season brings with it a new bunch of questions . Here are just a few of the more common ones.

Is it too late to lay instant lawn now?

No. Autumn, with its mix of sunny days and more frequent rain is a perfect time to roll out instant lawn.

What should I fertilise with in autumn?

Use a mineral fertiliser (non-organic), high in potassium. It will help your lawn stay greener through the rest of autumn and well into winter. We recommend one called Paul Munns Emerald Green

I have birds scratching around in my lawn pulling up pieces. Is there a way to stop them?

Birds can be tricky to manage. Some birds are scratching around in your lawn looking for insects, while others are looking for seeds. There are some spray-on bird repellents available that work quite well such as D-Ter.

How can I stop brown patches appearing when my dog toilets on my lawn?

Brown patches occur because pet urine burns off the blades of the lawn. There are many theories on how to reduce the effects including diet and additives that you can put in their drinking water. We have found the results of these methods are mixed at best.  A better approach is to keep your lawn healthy so that it recovers faster. Water, wetting agent and fertiliser are three good places to start!

I’ve noticed that when it rains, the water pools in places and in those patches the lawn doesn’t look so good.  What can I do?

This is a sign of poor drainage and should be fixed because lawns won’t grow in water logged soils. Coring helps and it’s a good time of year to get onto this before winter rains make it worse. Once you’ve cored, top dress with some gypsum but only enough to fill in the core holes. You don’t want to be burying the lawn in topdressing at this time of year.

When I mow my couch lawn, I notice that I’m scalping it which makes it go brown. It does recover but it takes a while. How can I stop this from happening?

Scalping is a sign that your lawn is too spongy or thatchy. The answer is to scarify your lawn but now is not a good time to do it. Wait till late spring.  For now, raise your mower by a notch to ensure you don’t scalp it through the winter otherwise you’ll have to endure a scalped and brown lawn right through the winter months.

I’ve noticed that as the season is changing, a whole bunch of weeds are coming up everywhere in my lawn.

Autumn is a prime time for weed germination as the rains come and temperature decreases. Almost all weeds are selectively controllable in a lawn these days but get onto it early, before the weeds set more seed. The key here is repetition. One spray will rarely control the problem. Continue to spray until no more weeds germinate. The most common winter weeds are:

  • Broad leaf  weeds such as clover, bindi eye, thistles, dandelions etc. Use Paul Munns B6 to selectively control theses weeds from your lwan
  • Grass weeds such as Winter Grass. Use David Grays Winter Grass Killer

Should I raise the mower height for my lawn in preparation for winter?

In the later part of Autumn, its a great idea to raise the mower height by just one notch. This will help preserve the colour of your lawn through the winter months. Remeber that when spring comes around, you must lower the mower back by one notch to where it was before to prevent excessive thatch build up

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