Got Moss and Alage in your lawn? Wet and Forget it!

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 24 July 2018 

Do you spend hours looking after your lawn, weeding, feeding and watering? No matter how hard you try, you can't get rid of the stubborn moss, it just won't go away!

Moss doesn't discriminate, it grows in all types of lawn where the conditions are just right for it to thrive and take over. It can become quite a problem and look very ugly too!

Wet & Forget is non systemic or hormone based, and will not harm your lawn. Winter is the best time to treat your lawn if it has moss in it because the lawn is dormant.

Application for treating moss in lawns:

The application for treating moss in lawns is slightly different to treating your paths. Dilute Wet & Forget into a pump action garden sprayer, dilution is 1:7 (as per label on bottle), spray it on the moss when the lawn is damp, after a morning dew is perfect. Try and target the moss rather than the lawn. If you get overspray onto the lawn, don't worry, Wet & Forget will not kill your lawn.  However, you may get a bit of leaf burn. Once the moss is dead and decomposed give your lawn a good fertilise ready for spring. It's that simple to treat that unsightly moss in your lawn!


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