Natural Instant Lawn

Windsor Green Couch

$11.95 - $12.95 per m2 (Free metro del. for over 30m2*)

Windsor Green Couch is an outstanding variety of natural turf. It has been specifically designed for the Australian home lawn with proven superiority in heat and drought tolerance.

Kings Pride Buffalo

$12.60 - $13.60 per m2 (Free metro del. for over 30m2*)

Kings Pride buffalo delivers a softer, greener lawn all year round, whilst saving time and effort on maintenance. It was first discovered growing wild – what better proof could there be of its natural ability to thrive in Australia’s testing climate.

Kenda Kikuyu

$11.80 - $12.80 per m2 (Free metro del. for over 30m2*)

Kenda is a brand new variety of kikuyu, bred to have a higher level of vigour over other varieties of sterile kikuyu.

Santa Ana

$10.95 - $11.95 per m2 (Free metro del. for over 30m2*)

Santa Ana is a fine textured turf, extremely hard wearing, drought tolerant variety. It can tolerate pet traffic very well, is fast spreading and is suitable for high wear, full sun areas.

Fine Leaf Kikuyu

$9.50 - $11.30 per m2 (Free metro del. for over 30m2*)

As it is a very aggressive lawn, Kikuyu is ideal for areas with very high traffic demands and for holiday homes that receive little attention. Ideal for full sun.

Washed Santa Ana Instant Lawn

Free Metro Delivery for orders over 30m2!

Washed Santa Ana uses a specialised washing machine to remove the soil from the roll leaving a clean uniform root mat. Ideal for cricket pitches or other sport surfaces.