Weed spotlight - Spotted Spurge

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 20 March 2018 

Spotted spurge (Euphorbia maculata) is a highly invasive weed that has become quite a nuisance this summer. I haven't seen it much in years gone by but this year has seen it explode in numbers.

It has small dark green/red leaves with spots on them (hence the name) and it has the capacity to spread from the odd weed here or there to a virtual invasion of your whole landscape. It has a flat, prostrate habit and quickly moves from lawns into pavers, pathways, garden beds and pretty much anwhere it can find some soil. It does this by means of its prolific seeding ability. Spurge loves hot, dry conditions and thrives in weak or unhealthy lawn and landscape environments.  

Its one of those weeds that I would say is easy to kill but hard to prevent from coming back.  Once you have an outbreak, you'll have to repeat spray till you have exhausted all the seed in the soil. It's coming to the end of its warm season run but its worth having a crack at it now but be warned, you may have to continue your efforts next spring and summer when conditions become favourable again. The best way to control spotted spurge is with a broadleaf, selective herbicide such as Amgrow Bin Die. For a better result, use a non-ionic wetting agent such Heiniger Wetter and Spreader. It makes the selective herbicide much more effective. 

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