Baileys Turfect liquid fertiliser range

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 31 October 2023 

Last week, I wrote a blog about the benefits of liquid fertilisers. They are fast-acting, easy to apply, they don’t have to be watered in, and they won’t burn your lawn. Best of all, they deliver nutrients consistently when applied regularly.

If you haven't read last week's blog on the benefits of liquid fertilisers, it's worth doing so before you read this one. It will give you some handy context and understanding. 

 In recent years, liquid technology has come a long way, and people are beginning to experiment with them -  more than that, they are discovering their versatility. We’ve historically only provided solid fertiliser options for our customers; however, Paul Munns is proud to introduce a range of professional liquid fertilisers specially designed for home lawns.

Liquid fertiliser sprayed on the turf leaf (known as foliar feeding) is specifically effective for quick results or for correcting nutrient deficiencies. The nutrients in the TURFECT Range are immediately available to be absorbed through the leaf blade, making them quick-acting, with noticeable results within 6 hours.

Turfect fertilisers are available in 4 different formulations, all with unique purposes.

  1. Grow – A complete fertiliser with organic additives for an all-round, healthy lawn.
  2. Green – For fast greening up – without producing a growth surge
  3. Boost- Promotes soil diversity and health
  4. Repair- Specific nutrients to help tired lawns recover.

Each of the four types is available in 1 litre and 5 litre concentrates:

  • 1 litre covers around 300m2 and ranges in cost between $24 and $27
  • 5 litres covers 1500m2 and costs $88


Turfect GROW is formulated to quickly produce deep green colour and vigorous turf growth. It can be used throughout the year as a foliar-applied product, particularly in cooler months, to maintain colour and health. It provides a readily available source of essential turf nutrients nitrogen, iron, magnesium and manganese to rapidly address deficiencies.

  • Provides all essential turf nutrients for healthy growth and extended deep greening.
  • Maintains colour year-round. (Foliar application is more effective than granular products in cooler months).
  • Enriched with humic acid to optimise nutrient uptake and turf health.
  • Contains Biowish™ Microbe Technology to boost native microbe populations, root growth and nutrient availability.


Turfect GREEN is a professional colour-boosting formulation that produces extended deep green colour on turf without growth. It provides a readily available source of iron and manganese to rapidly address deficiency and induce chlorophyll production.

  • Formulated for rapid, deep greening.
  • Doesn’t produce turf growth, reducing mowing requirements.
  • Foliar fertiliser for efficient nutrient uptake.
  • Enriched with humic acid to optimise nutrient uptake and turf health.
  • Contains Biowish™ Microbe Technology to boost native microbe populations, root growth and nutrient availability.


TURFECT Boost is not a fertiliser but rather a highly concentrated humic acid soil conditioner and biological inoculant to enhance soil fertility and capacity to support healthy turf growth. Effective on all soil types, particularly sandy soils, improving water and nutrient holding capacity.

  • Highly concentrated formulation for greater coverage.
  • High cation exchange capacity improves fertiliser retention and uptake. 
  • Contains Biowish™ Microbe Technology to boost native microbe populations,  root growth and nutrient availability.
  • Activates & feeds beneficial biology. 
  • Enhances root development.

Containing 26% soluble humic substances, this supercharged carbon source is particularly effective on depleted or sandy soils to improve water and nutrient-holding capacity and promote turf recovery and resilience in stressful conditions.

What are Humic Substances? Humic and Fulvic acids are naturally derived organic substances from the breakdown of ancient plant and microbial matter.  These acids are the foundation of all fertile soils, acting to hold a wide range of micro and macro-nutrients around plant roots for quick root uptake and optimum plant growth.

Humic acids also improve the wetting and water-holding ability of the soil. Ongoing applications accumulate to provide greater nutrient-holding ability, readily available carbon food source for beneficial soil micro-organisms and overall improve soil structures. This in turn enhances results from applied fertilisers and improves long-term soil fertility.


Turfect REPAIR is a professional liquid fertiliser formulated to support turf health, hardiness and recovery. It provides a broad spectrum, readily available source of essential macro and micronutrients, and is particularly high in Potassium. The nutritional makeup, plus added kelp, humic acid, and Biowish™ beneficial biology, optimises root growth and soil health. This, in turn, improves water and nutrient uptake, turf growth and vigour.

  • Formulated to support turf through stress and wear, in particular, Australian Summers.
  • High in Potassium and Phosphorus to improve water uptake and recovery.
  • Enriched with kelp to improve root growth and overall turf vigour.
  • Enriched with humic acid to optimise nutrient uptake and turf health.
  • Premium product used by turf professionals at major sporting venues.
  • Contains Biowish™ Microbe Technology to boost native microbe populations, root growth and nutrient availability.

Which one would you use and how often?

The one for general fertilising would be Turfect Grow, and you’d apply it every 3 to 4 weeks during the growing season. If you want some extra green, say for an event or just because you’re addicted to a dark green lawn, you’d apply Turfect Green. There aren’t any nutrients that will make your lawn grow in the Green product, so you can use it alternately with Grow.

If healthy ecosystems are your thing, Turfect Boost is the product to use. It won't have the same greening effect as Grow and Green, but it will encourage healthy, bio-diverse soils as well as naturally strengthen your lawn, making it more disease and drought-tolerant. You’d use it as an alternative general fertiliser to Grow on a 3-4 week interval, and you can use Green in conjunction with it to boost colour.

Repair is a product you’d use to do exactly as the name suggests. If you have a tired or patchy lawn, use Repair on a 3-4 weekly interval until your lawn has improved, then switch to Grow or Boost.

If you have any questions, or would like to chat about any of this, give our team a call on 8298 0555 or send an email to

View the range of Baileys Turfect here.

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