New Lawn Maintenance Guide - 6 Weeks

Now that your lawn is 6 weeks old, it should be thriving and in excellent condition There shouldn't be any dead or dying patches. If there are, give us a call on 8298 0555 as soon as possible.


  • There is no exact schedule to follow for watering from here on in.  The idea is that you reduce the frequency of watering but increase the time that you water for. For example, in the first few days you would have been watering several times per day for 10-15 minutes at a time. Ultimately you want to get that down to longer waterings but much less frequently. The frequency and length will vary according to the season and the type of irrigation system you use. 


  • You can revert to a regular mowing schedule from now on. The frequency of mowing will be determined by the season (the colder it is the less mowing your lawn will need). There is also an element of personal preference and convenience involved. Ideally, you should maintain your couch at around 20mm, your kikuyu at 25mm and your buffalo at 40mm tall. The maximum frequency you would need to mow would be once per week in the warm months down to once per month in winter.  


  • You can now spray for weeds and use pre-emergent herbicides but make sure you follow the label rates and application method as your grass is still reasonably young. 
  • Try to avoid watering your lawn after 5pm. While it makes sense to water your lawn in the evening, it results in your lawn staying wet all night which increases the chances of fungal disease


If you notice anything out of the ordinary, give us a call on 8298 0555 and we'll help you get it sorted!