New Lawn Maintenance Guide - 28 days

So we can help you get the best result from your new instant turf, we have put together some information to guide to help you through the establishment phase.

Now that your lawn is 4 weeks old, it should be looking like an established lawn. (it isn't yet, but it should look like it is!). There shouldnt be any dead or dying patches. If there are, give us a call on 8298 0555 as soon as possible.


  • Watering can now move to once every 2 days for 30 minutes with the exception of heat wave conditions where you may need to water more frequently. The ideal scenario is where you are maintaining a good level of moisture down to the 75mm deep mark.


  • If all went well last week with the mowing, you should be moving to a weekly mow. If your grass is growing really quickly, you may scalp it when you mow it. This is where you mow all the blades off and expose the brown thatch underneath. A light scalping is OK but you dont want to cut into it too hard at this stage. 

Common issues

  • If any areas go blue, grey or discoloured, its probably an indication that you are not watering frequently enough


  • If you have a sub surface drip watering system, you can start using it now. The roots of your lawn will be sufficiently deep to find the drip pipe. 
  • If any weeds start to appear (which is common when you are watering and fertilising so intensively, you wont be able to hit them with a selective herbicide till the lawn is 6 weeks old. 
  • Try to avoid watering your lawn after 5pm. While it makes sense to water your lawn in the evening, it results in your lawn staying wet all night which increases the chances of fungal disease


If you notice anything out of the ordinary, give us a call on 8298 0555 and we'll help you get it sorted!