In these days of drought, it is very important to install an irrigation system that is both effective and water efficient.

Paul Munns Instant Lawn sells a complete range of irrigation systems right through from manual tap systems to multi stationed automated systems.

We have an in-house design service that can quickly map out a plan for you.We can give you all the advice you need to install it yourself or we can give you a quote for supply and installation.


Sub surface drippers:

This is a new generation type of irrigation system where a special drip tube is laid in the soil underneath your lawn or garden. It releases a metered amount of water directly to the root zone where there is no run off, evaporation or water wastage.


We sell a range of spray and rotor sprinklers including Rain Bird and Hunter irrigation products. Our range of sprinklers set the standard for durability, and come stocked with features which ensure reliable performance. There's a sprinkler for every application -- for low pressure and steep slopes, in high wind areas, with non-potable water, even areas where vandalism could be a problem. Download our irrigation planner, fill it out then email it to us or bring it in. From there we can recommend the right sprinkler plan for you.


Whether you want a simple mechanical tap timer or a totally automated watering system, we can design and advise you on the most efficient and cost effective way to go.

Garden dripper systems:


Garden Drippers are a tried and tested way of irrigating your garden. Individual drippers are placed at the base of each plant limiting wastage. You can install drippers to new or existing garden. Drippers can be used under current water restrictions.

Mains/rain water/bore water systems:

Paul Munns instant lawn supply irrigation systems to run on mains water, bore water, and rain water. We can even redirect existing systems to run on these alternative water sources or create a system that runs on multiple water sources view site.

All these systems can be installed into a new or existing landscape with a minimum amount of fuss and disturbance.