Thank you for considering an irrigation system from Paul Munns Instant Lawn.

When planning your system, there are several things that you will undoubtedly want to know, namely:

  • How will I design my system
  • What parts will you need and how much will they cost
  • How do I put it all together

Designing your system

The first step in designing your system is to map out a simple plan of the area. To make this as easy as possible, print out our irrigation designer by clicking on the button below

Once you have printed this out, draw your area on the graph.

  • Stick to the scale of 1cm = 1m (or one of the dark lined boxes = 1m)
  • Mark any water points or taps on the plan
  • Use a pencil first so that you can erase any mistakes
  • When taking measurements , its always better to have more measurements than less. Having extra information allows confirmation checks to be performed which is important for irregular shaped areas.]
  • Mark out large trees and shrubs on the plan

Measure the water flow

  • Measure how long it takes to fill a 9 litre bucket from an outside tap closest to the proposed irrigation area. When performing this measurement, remove all the fittings from the tap and open the tap up fully. Repeat the exercise again to check your measurements. 

What parts will you need and how much will they cost?

Once you have drawn up a diagram of your area and measured your water flow, email, fax or bring down the plan to us where we will design and price your irrigation system.

How do you put it altogether?

Installing an irrigation system is not a difficult process. Below is a general guide for sub surface drip pipe view site however we can  provide you with more detailed instructions when you collect your system.