I see a lot of people come into our store every day and ask, “why does my lawn have these dead patches in it?” While there are many reasons why a lawn can develop brown patches, the number one reason is by far non wetting soils. I often say, if 10 people ask me […]


  It’s been a long and wet winter this year in anyone’s book. We’ve seen wild storms, huge rain evens and what seemed like endless days of water from the skies. I know I’ve spent many an evening this winter scratching my chin trying to figure out how to divert water away from my house […]

  The answer to that question is that while it can be hard, it doesn’t have to be! All proud lawn owners know that there are times of the year when uninvited weeds turn up and spoil your lawn. You’ll also know that your efforts to control them can be hit and miss. The same […]

  All lawns should be fertilised 3 times per year for optimal colour, hardiness and health. The best times are mid spring, mid-summer and mid-Autumn.  Spring is one of the key times to fertilise your lawn. If you only fertilised your lawn once per year, then spring would be it.  By fertilising your lawn in […]


I’m fairly sure that most people who own a lawn have some idea what lawn coring is and while it’s been around for ages as a process to maintain your lawn, in our experience, it’s something most people don’t do which is interesting because there are a lot of compelling reasons to consider it for […]

Frost 1

  When Autumn turns into winter, it is common for some varieties of lawn to begin to lose their colour. Colour loss can range from slight discolouration right through to a total browning. The reason for this is all related to the cold temperatures of winter. The colder it is, the worse it can be. […]