Frost 1

  When Autumn turns into winter, it is common for some varieties of lawn to begin to lose their colour. Colour loss can range from slight discolouration right through to a total browning. The reason for this is all related to the cold temperatures of winter. The colder it is, the worse it can be. […]

Possible lawn disease

  Generally speaking, when home owners talk about possible diseases in their lawn during winter, the real question on their lips is, “my lawn has developed some dead or patchy areas and I don’t know why… I wonder if its disease?” I’ve heard many people talk about winter lawn diseases but in my experience, winter […]

Rykuyu growing on the turf farm

  Finally! – A turf you can lay throughout winter that will look beautiful and green from the moment you lay it. Paul Munns Instant Turf is proud to release Rykuyu. Rykuyu is a seasonal variety of turf especially bred to deliver year round exceptional looks and performance, especially during winter. Rykuyu has been developed […]


  During May and June every year, we get bombarded with people trying to control soursobs in their lawns and gardens. Sour sobs are one of the most common weeds in South Australia and is classified as a noxious species. They are seasonal and grow from May right through to September. According to Herbguide, over […]


  Winter grass (otherwise known as Poa annua or annual blue grass) is that annoying light green coloured grass that comes up in your lawn every winter. If you have it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It produces lots of seeds and has a white cotton like root zone. It’s easy to pull […]

Weeds in a lawn

  Autumn, leading into winter is a prime time for weeds to begin emerging in your lawn. With the extra moisture around and with less competition from summer active lawns (as they go into winter dormancy), weeds find the conditions irresistible. As the weather cools down, weed seeds and bulbs stored in the soil from […]