Lawn Seed

  Most lawns in South Australia are either Couch, Kikuyu or Buffalo and as most lawn buffs would know, as we go through Autumn, these varieties will begin to slow as the weather gets cooler until they become totally dormant into winter. As the temperature decreases, your lawn growth will slow down and won’t have […]

Which Lawn?

Choosing a lawn – It can be a confusing process… Whether you are putting in a lawn yourself or having a tradesman do it for you, it won’t be long before you’ll be asking yourself the question, “which lawn should I use?” You’ve probably got some ideas from past experiences, you’ve probably heard some advertising […]

ant on grass

There is a fair bit of opinion and information around the web regarding ants and how to get rid of them in a lawn and or garden.  A simple browse through the chemical section of your hardware store or supermarket will reveal an abundance of products designed to kill ants so I don’t want to […]


Act now to control winter grass It sounds like a funny topic to be talking about during summer but there is a whole lot you can do now to minimise, even eradicate the weeds that come up during winter. Most weeds are seasonal. There are groups of them that germinate and grow each season. Winter […]

  Its and interesting topic and one that lots of people have to deal with. Which lawn do you choose if you have a shady area to plant in?  The answer lies in how much shade you have and in what you are going to do with it. Even trying to articulate how much shade […]

  I see a lot of people come into our store every day and ask, “why does my lawn have these dead patches in it?” While there are many reasons why a lawn can develop brown patches, the number one reason is by far non wetting soils. I often say, if 10 people ask me […]