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  Most lawns in Australia are warm season grasses. These grasses include couches, kikuyu and buffalo varieties and are grouped by the way that they grow. In other words, they grow in the warm weather and go dormant during cooler weather.  Dormancy shouldn’t mean that they go brown but rather that they stop growing. It […]

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  Winter is the time of year when you are most likely to experience drainage issues in your lawn mostly because, you guessed it, there is much more water around. Lawn areas that don’t drain properly quickly become waterlogged and that isn’t good news for your lawn.  Water logging occurs when the soil becomes so […]

Possible lawn disease

  Most lawns go into dormancy or stop growing when the weather gets to cold. That can be a blessing to the gardener because it means less mowing and edge trimming during those cold, wet months. Generally speaking, your lawn should look after itself and be trouble free over winter however if you notice it […]


Winter grass or Poa Annua is a what I would call a very persistent and relentless weed in Australia, particularly Southern Australia. The word Poa means it’s from the blue grass family and the word annua means it’s an annual weed. The common name “winter grass” comes from the fact that this weed only comes […]

Lawn Seed

  Most lawns in South Australia are either Couch, Kikuyu or Buffalo and as most lawn buffs would know, as we go through Autumn, these varieties will begin to slow as the weather gets cooler until they become totally dormant into winter. As the temperature decreases, your lawn growth will slow down and won’t have […]

Which Lawn?

Choosing a lawn – It can be a confusing process… Whether you are putting in a lawn yourself or having a tradesman do it for you, it won’t be long before you’ll be asking yourself the question, “which lawn should I use?” You’ve probably got some ideas from past experiences, you’ve probably heard some advertising […]