Instant Lawn Varieties


  • Ideal for sun or shade
  • Very low maintenance
  • Superior shade tolerance
  • Safely reat with all registered chemicals at label rates
  • Install at any time

Kings Pride is one of Australia’s newest varieties of soft leaf buffalo and boasts some impressive advantages.

National trials have demonstrated that Kings Pride delivers a softer, greener lawn all year round, whilst saving on time and effort on maintenance. And what’s more, it was first discovered growing wild – what better proof could there be of its natural ability to thrive in Australia’s testing climate?

When comparing soft leaf buffalos,  Kings Pride is one of the most shade tolerant varieties available and it is a great performer when it comes to regenerating from high wear.

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Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo
Aussie Born & Bred!
Kenda Kikuyu


  • For full sun
  • 4 x more rhizomes
  • For extreme wear situations
  • Fast establishing
  • Fast recovery

Kenda is a brand new variety of kikuyu bred to have higher level of vigour over standard and sterile kikuyu.

Kenda has extra large prostrate runners and 4 times as many rhizomes making it very fast establishing and fast to repair from damage. Its fast horizontal and underground growth surprisingly does not lead to more mowing than other kikuyu varieties.

Kenda is excellent for high traffic home lawns, sporting facilities, schools, public amenity spaces or any area (except shade) that requires a turf to perform under the stress of extreme wear.

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Kenda Kikuyu
Aussie Born & Bred!




Santa Anna


  • For full sun
  • Extremely hard-wearing
  • Drought tolerant
  • Pet resistant
  • High thatch production
  • Easy to grow

Santa Ana couch is the original USA hybrid couch grass made famous in South Australia by Brian Munn during the 70s. Santa Ana is a fine textured turf, extremely hard wearing, drought tolerant and can tolerate pet traffic very well. Santa Ana is a fast spreading grass suitable for high wear, full sun areas.

Santa Anna Couch
Male Sterile Kikuyu


  • For full sun
  • Drought tolerant
  • Hard-wearing
  • Low water requirements
  • Thrives in SA’s dry heat
  • Great for high traffic areas

Male Sterile Kikuyu grass is very popular in South Australia because of its drought tolerance and hard wearing qualities. It is a medium blade grass that can grow with very little water and thrives in South Australia's dry heat.

Most Kikuyu varieties can spread by dispersing their seed into nearby garden beds making it extra invasive. Male sterile Kikuyu does not produce a seed, making it less invasive.

As it is a very aggressive lawn, Kikuyu is ideal for areas with very high traffic demands and for holiday homes that receive little attention. Ideal for full sun.

Kikuyu - Sterile Fine Leaf
Aussie Born & Bred!