Wetting Agents

Dry soil often resists water. Have you noticed that water pools or runs off the top of the soil on your lawn or garden? Or have you got a slopey area where water runs down the slope instead of penetrating into the soil?

Paul Munns Betta Wet Rapid is a premium wetting agent that has been developed to SAVE YOU WATER by allowing water to penetrate deep into the soil. It is especially designed to break down non wetting soils allowing rapid and even penetration of water.

What separates Paul Munns Betta Wet Rapid from other wetting agents is its in-built penetrant. This means that once the wetting agent has done its work to allow the water into the soil, the penetrant quickly draws it in.

  • Exclusive to Munns Instant Lawn at Brighton

Lawn Soaker is a granular water holding agent for lawns. It works by capturing the water you apply and then retains it in the topsoil where your lawn can use it best.

In a time where water is precious, Lawn Soaker makes the most of the water you give to your grass meaning you use less of it. This not only saves you money, but reduces stress to your lawn through the warmer months. You can apply it under a new lawn or to any existing lawn.

  • Exclusive to Munns Instant Lawn at Brighton