Bring your lawn out of winter dormancy with Greenkeeper fertiliser.

Researched and blended to give your turf a sparkling fresh green colour within 12 days. Greenkeeper is a balanced fertiliser supplying the major elements, trace elements and iron to your lawn. This encourages healthier growth, less water consumption and more environmental hardiness.

  • Ideal for Spring
  • Exclusive to Munns Instant Lawn at Brighton

Emerald Green has a unique balance of macro nutrients encouraging deeper root growth and excellent grass colour.

A very fast acting fertiliser, it helps your Autumn fed lawn to withstand the rigours of Adelaide’s cold wet winters. It also results in a remarkable looking lawn coming into spring.

  • Ideal for Autumn
  • Exclusive to Munns Instant Lawn at Brighton

Paul Munns Organic lawn food is specifically researched and blended for Summer. It gives your grass colour without excessive growth.

Ideal for fertilising all grasses including lippia and tom thumb (dichondra) throughout the year. Is also an excellent fertiliser to use when sowing lawn seed or laying new turf.

  • Ideal for Summer
  • Exclusive to Munns Instant Lawn at Brighton