40mm-50mm Fish Plate

Small joiner for 40mm-50mm Link edge.

$1.10 per ea

75mm-100mm Fish Plate

Large joiner for 75mm-100mm Link edge.

$1.10 per ea

Corner 40mm-50mm Linkedge

Small Link Edge corner for 40mm-50mm Link Edge.

$2.00 per ea

Corner 75mm-100mm Linkedge

Large Link Edge corner for 75mm-100mm Link Edge.

$2.20 per ea

Spike Guide

Link Edge Spike Guide for use with 300mm spikes. Enhances upright rigidity and stops 75mm or 100mm Link Edge from lying on an angle.

$1.10 per ea

Twist spike 150mm

Twist spike 150mm for Link Edge.

$1.45 per ea

Twist Spike 300mm

Twist spike 300mm for Link Edge.

$2.40 per ea

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