Fine Leaf Kikuyu

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Fine Leaf Kikuyu grass is very popular in South Australia because of its drought tolerance and hard wearing qualities. It is a medium blade grass that can grow with very little water and thrives in South Australia's dry heat. As it is a very aggressive lawn, Kikuyu is ideal for areas with very high traffic demands and for holiday homes that receive little attention. Ideal for full sun.


Fine Leaf kikuyu is an extremely hard wearing lawn that is excellent for tolerating high levels of traffic, whether that be from pets, children or sport activities. It maintains an attractive green colour throughout winter, meaning your lawn will look fantastic all year round. Fine Leaf Kikuyu tolerates harsh conditions well, and will thrive in the heat of South Australian summers with minimal water and full sun. Its strong rhizome and stolon systems make for quick self-repairing and aggressive qualities, and its medium leaf blade width presents a lush, dense appearance.


Drought Tolerance High once established
Hot Weather Tolerance Excellent. Will prefer warmer, full-sun conditions.
Cold Tolerance Good. Will retain colour well throughout winter.
Salt Tolerance Good. Will tolerate up to 3500ppm.
Mowing Height 25-50mm in full sun, 60-70mm in partly shaded areas
Recovery from Injury Excellent. Vigorous root system will enable rapid recovery after wear.
Use Sporting areas, parks and residential areas.
Texture Medium blade width and dense cover when kept low.


Extremely Hard-Wearing

Fine Leaf kikuyu is extremely hard-wearing and traffic tolerant. It has both underground and above ground runners that promote strength against wear, and rapid recovery. Kikuyu is commonly used in sporting facilities due to its excellent ability to withstand traffic.

Ideal for Pets

Fine Leaf kikuyu is an ideal lawn for pets. It has a medium blade width that will withstand urine damage better than some other turf varieties, and its rapid growth rate will ensure your lawn maintains a healthy appearance alongside continuous dog and cat use. 


Fine Leaf kikuyu is male sterile, meaning it is less invasive than other kikuyu varieties, and doesn't produce seed. When kept watered and mown, Fine Leaf kikuyu will be less likely to spread into garden beds and other unwanted areas, and it won't have seeds to be thrown into these areas by the elements.

Excellent Colour Retention

Fine Leaf kikuyu maintains a bright green colour all year round, especially when combined with a mineral fertiliser such as Emerald Green during Autumn. Watering regularly will further encourage Fine Leaf kikuyu to present this colour.

Thrives in Heat

Fine Leaf Kikuyu prefers hot, dry conditions and will only need watering once a week to stay healthy and green. Its rhizomes, the underground runners, reach deep into the soil and hold water so that it doesn't have to be watered as frequently, even in full sun. When the soil around the grass dries up, Fine Leaf kikuyu will be less likely to dry up with it.



Fine Leaf Kikuyu will require weekly mowing during the warmer months at around 20-30mm high. Consistent mowing will encourage tighter knitting of the grass for a denser cover, as well as promoting weed resistance by preventing seed penetration to the soil. The tighter knitting occurs because the grass is encouraged to grow laterally instead of vertically through the consistent mowing.


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While it can get by on the natural rainfall in South Australia, Fine Leaf kikuyu will look its best when watered weekly in summer. An infrequent, deep water promotes deep rhyzome growth ant subsequent drought tolerance. Kikuyu will thrive when it has the opportunity to dry out slightly between waters, as it prefers a hotter climate. 

Dimensions and Delivery Information

Standard size rolls: 1m2 (600mm x 1.67m).

Fine Leaf Kikuyu is also available in maxi rolls. Maxi rolls are great for open areas with easy access such as parks, schools and golf courses. These rolls are 1.05m wide and can be cut to lengths of up to 25m.

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