Rykuyu - The truly green winter turf

Author: Stefan Palm   Date Posted: 6 June 2018 

Finally! – A turf especially designed to lay during winter! Rykuyu will look beautiful and green from the moment you lay it - even on the coldest day in winter.

Rykuyu is a seasonal variety of turf especially bred to deliver year round exceptional looks and performance, especially during winter.

Rykuyu has been developed to address the issue of frost burning of turf during winter. Frost burning is where turf varieties such as couch, kikuyu and buffalo lose their colour when exposed to repeated winter frosts.  The Adelaide metropolitan area does not typically receive high amounts of frost, however the turf growing regions do which results in frost burning of the turf. Most of South Australia’s turf farms are located in regional areas where winter frost is common place.  

If you’ve ever laid turf during winter, you would have had the experience of receiving frost burnt turf. The effects of frost on turf like buffalo, kikuyu and couch is both cosmetic and temporary. The only real effect the frost has on the turf is to discolour it. It isn’t dead or dying, just discoloured and it will recover! As soon as the weather warms up, the grass will grow new green blades, replacing the frost burnt ones. Having said all that, that doesn’t really help you when your trying to make your winter landscape project look good and the thought of waiting till spring for green grass doesn’t seem like a good option.  

Rykuyu solves this by combining kikuyu with fine leaf rye grass. Unlike kikuyu, fine leaf rye is a cool season grass and does not discolour, even under the heaviest frosts meaning you can be assured that your winter delivery of Rykuyu turf will be green from the moment you un-roll it. More than that, because Rykuyu has an element of winter active or cool season grasses in it, it will begin to establish straight away, giving it even more capacity to endure the rigours of winter. 

As the season changes from winter to spring, the kikuyu element of Rykuyu will come alive and take over the rye, which is the desired outcome. Since frost is of little concern in the Adelaide metro area, winter discolouration due to frost will be unlikely to occur again. In that sense, the rye grass element of this turf is only intended to be a short term solution to the frost problem and once it has done its job, it is no longer needed, leaving behind the super strong and drought tolerant kikuyu.

Rykuyu is best suited to full sun areas, and with its kikuyu base, has exceptional durability and drought tolerance.

So if you have a landscaping project this winter and need finished off with beautiful green lawn, then think no further than Rykuyu. 



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