Weed Killers

If you are unsure what you need, see our weed chart and our disease chart for assistance. Still need help? Contact us.

Winter grass killer does exactly as the name suggests – it kills winter grass selectively in your couch or kikuyu lawn. This means you can apply it to the whole lawn and it will only kill the winter grass!. Winter grass is a prolific annual weed that if left unchecked can take over your whole lawn. Winter Grass killer has a pre and post emergence action meaning it kills both the weed and the seed it produces.
The safer acting weed killer. B6, which contains MCPA and Bromoxynil, is a safe spray to selectively kill virtually all broad leaf weeds eg Bindi Eye, clover, burr medic, creeping oxalis thistle etc on all grass lawns including buffalo. B6 will not kill grass lawns and will not harm the roots of nearby trees and shrubs like other selective weed killers can.

A revolutionary selective weed killer that can be safely applied at recommended rates to all couch and tall fescue turfs to kill off numerous grassy weeds such as Kikuyu, barnyard grass, crab grass, nut grass and paspalum. This product will kill kikuyu in your couch lawn without harming your couch!.

Paspalum Killer can only be described as a great breakthrough for home gardeners, especially for those with kikuyu in their couch.